Do you have an itchin’ for the kitchen? Well, then get ready for a thorough scratchin’ of innovative new cookery. Get ready to climb aboard for a showcasing of 10 egg-shattering new kitchen gadgets that you can buy on Amazon for under $20. 10 BEST KITCHEN GADGETS

Rapid Egg Cooker

Cheap egg cooker
  • 6 Egg Tray
  • Hard Boiled in Minutes
  • Deviled Egg party
  • Cute and Compact
  • Individual Omelettes
  • Perfectly Poached
  • Easy Omelettes
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Healthy living starts today with the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker! How do you like your eggs? Imagine being able to prepare a dozen deviled eggs in under 10 minutes! You can cook hard, medium or soft boil 6 eggs at a time, poach, scramble or make fresh customized omelettes. Perfect eggs, your way, every time. Unprocess your food today with the recipe book that is included with purchase, and gain access to our database of thousands of recipes for free!

Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.5 x 6 inches

Item Weight: 1 pounds

Manufacturer: Dash

Item model number: DEC005RD

Customer Reviews: 8,970 customer reviews ( 4.4 out of 5 stars )

I feel like every review should’ve opened with “THIS THING SCREECHES”. Would’ve been good to know. I thought “the timer will sound” meant a pleasant little ding or chime or I would’ve even been okay with a short elephant trumpet, but instead this tiny but mighty cooker will put out a continuous, shrill, miniature SIREN. What is it Lassie!?!? Is it the world’s smallest hurricane flood warning? Are the tornadoes coming!? Is there a fire!??

No it’s your eggs, they’re cooked, because some designing genius thought, you know what folks want to hear as they rouse gently from slumber and prepare their breakfast in the lazy morning? A shrill-af non-stop siren that’ll raise your cortisol and maybe gnaw a bit into your mental health. If growing up you ever dashed to open the Microwave before it hit 0, just to spare yourself and your roommates the alarm from that loud microwave beep, boy is this the adult version for you.

I’m honestly surprised not more people have remarked on this. Everyone is like oh good eggs! Perfect poach! Mm eggs! Gee yea the eggs taste good when going down with my heart medication bc that bugger shriek still makes my breath catch. I live in dread of it now. But I also want eggs.

And I guess this does make eggs. It’s $20. It’s a fun size that fits well on the counter. The poached eggs not gonna lie come out a bit …ugly looking, but I just want eggs. Softboiled delivers as promised. The lines seem pretty accurate, I’ve found when I go above or under them, the cook does vary appropriately (under/over).

So I’ll keep it for now until I’m rich enough to afford a better one and also therapy for the siren that haunts my dreams.

Whiskware Pancake Mixer

best Pancake Mixer
  • Base Dubles As a Stand
  • Extra Wide Opening
  • BlenderBall Wire Whisk mixes as you shake
  • Pressure-Release Valve
  • Heat-Resistant Silicone Tip
  • no bowls . no spoons . no mess
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Whip up smooth batters with minimal cleanup thanks to the Whiskware Batter Mixer. The Whiskware batter mixer uses a patented mixing system to deliver smooth batters in seconds. Simply add your ingredients, drop in the BlenderBall, and shake. No separate mixing bowl, no messy spoons, and no batter-coated countertops. The surgical-grade, stainless steel ball whips around inside the bottle as you shake to quickly blend the ingredients. No batteries, no cord, no hassle. When you’re finished cooking, the batter mixer cleans up in less than 30 seconds. Simply add soap and warm water, shake, and rinse. All parts are also top-rack dishwasher safe. The Whiskware batter mixer’s silicone tip provides perfect control, and won’t melt if touched to the pan or griddle. The batter mixer features a wide opening for adding ingredients, and the base doubles as a stand to keep it stable. Many batters expand when mixed, creating pressure inside the bottle. The Whiskware batter mixer features a unique pressure-release cap designed to let air escape as its removed, without spraying batter. The Whiskware batter mixer makes it easy to draw shapes, patterns, and much more thanks to the easy-pour spout. Draw straight from your imagination or use the free Whiskware Recipe app to get step-by-step instructions for fun, creative designs (available for iOS and Android)

Product Dimensions:4.3 x 4.3 x 12.5 inches

Item Weight: 3.52 ounces

Manufacturer: Whiskware by BlenderBottle

Item model number: C01397

Customer Reviews: 323 customer reviews ( 3.8 out of 5 stars )

This is a fairly good pancake pen, but it’s definitely not perfect. I use mine mostly to make pancakes using a homemade batter that is a bit thick.

Pros: It holds quite a bit. I don’t have to reload it as often as I did with my old pen. It’s very stable when loading if you use the back end as a base for the pen to rest in. The cap does a very good job of holding in pancake batter. Wide enough to clean easily by hand. Easy to squeeze. No little rubber rings to lose or trap batter.

Cons: The mixer ball just doesn’t cut it with my pancake recipe. I am back to mixing in a bowl and then pouring the batter in. There are crevices that are tough to clean on both ends. Once you start using the pen, you can’t use the bottom as a base for reloading without it being messy. The opening is a bit large – batter comes out pretty fast compared to other pens.

I never thought I would be a pancake pen person, but years ago I purchased a pen on a whim and ended up using nearly every week. My kids LOVE pancakes. When the plastic split on it, I had to find a new pen. You just can’t fit as many pancakes on the griddle when you’re pouring straight from the bowl! There are definitely some advantages to this pen over my old one, especially when it comes to cleaning it and its large capacity.

I’ve tried using the ball to mix my batter several times, but I could never get it to mix well. It may just be that I’m using a recipe that’s too thick for it (I make pancakes with whole wheat flour and flax seed meal). If you’re using a store-bought mix, it may work fine.

The tip is definitely larger than other pens I’ve used, so it doesn’t have quite the same level of control you’d find in other pancake pens. I haven’t tried it with any of my pancake molds, and I’m guessing that it would be a bit trickier to use with more delicate molds. It does a great job with regular pancakes and the waffle iron, though.The body of the pen seems like it’ll last quite a while.

If you want to do pancake art, go elsewhere. But if you want a pen to speed up your breakfast by getting as many pancakes onto the griddle as you can (without lots of drips on the counter), this pen will serve you well

FastCut Herb Mincer

best herb mincer
  • five high quality stainless steel
  • glides through herbes with speed and ease this compact handheld
  • Rotate for versatile use
  • Ergonomic handel design
  • Blade cover for safe storage
  • Dishwasher safe
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
The Fast Cut Herb Tool, by Zyliss, is designed to effectively cut herbs with a minimal amount of effort and mess. It features sharp, high grade stainless steel cutting blades. The soft touch ergonomic handle provides comfortable use. The blades on the tool rotate 90 degrees to offer the versatility of palm and grip use. Blade cover protects blade as well as hands. Top comes off for easy cleaning; top-rack dishwasher safe. By Zyliss. Focusing on functionality, durability, design, cleanliness and safety, Zyliss has relied upon a heritage of excellence that began in Switzerland over 60 years ago. Building on this time-held tradition, the company has advanced to produce and distribute kitchen equipment that is world-renowned. Zyliss has pioneered the design of more than 200 kitchen essentials, with quality and engineering that cannot be duplicated.

Product Dimensions:9.2 x 5.8 x 3.9 inches

Item Weight: 4 ounces

Manufacturer: DKB

Item model number:30130

Customer Reviews: 218 customer reviews ( 4.2 out of 5 stars )
This is the best mincing tool I have ever used! You can turn a double hand full of spinach into a half cup of crumbs in seconds! The handle turns 90 degrees so you can use it which ever way is more comfortable. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is the blade cover.

I read a lot of reviews that said it was dangerously sharp, and I can tell you that is an understatement! I think the blade cover was purposely designed to get you bleeding! Instead of a central located knob away from the blades, the tabs to get hold of it to pull it off or replace it are on the far outside edges right next to the blades.

I was very careful when I first removed the cover because of the reviews and I still cut myself, badly! After the bleeding stopped 30 minutes later, I got out a pair of leather gloves to work with the thing. Bottom line is I love this thing, it works great but you must be cautious when using. I have procedures I use now that I highly recommend following. When taking the cover on or off, or when disassembling for cleaning you should ALWAYS WEAR LEATHER GLOVES!!! Not jerseys or cottons because this thing will cut right through them! I cannot stress enough how sharp the cutter blades are! When I have it fully configured to use and only need to touch the handle that is when I remove the gloves, any other time they are on. I know it sounds scary and dangerous, but don’t let it keep you from trying this tool because it works great and is very useful. It just needs to be handled safely

FreshForce Citrus Juicer

manual citrus juicer
  • insert halved citrus cut side down
  • Juices A variety of citrus
  • Produces up to 20% More juice
  • Manual citrus juicer
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Margarita and lemonade lovers rejoice! Squeeze yourself some fresh citrus with the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer. This brightly colored handheld citrus juicer produces up to 20 percent more juice than conventional juicers thanks to an innovative dual-gear mechanism that increases pressing power and reduces hand fatigue. Durable nylon and stainless steel construction ensures a long lifetime of use. Great for squeezing lemons, this kitchen and bar tool also works well with limes and other small citrus fruits. Top rack dishwasher safe. Choose smart, easy-to-use kitchen utensils that are built on tasteful design, new technologies, and the trusted reputation of Chef’n..
Product Dimensions:10.2 x 3.2 x 2.8 inches

Item Weight: 10.6 ounces

Manufacturer: Chef’n

Item model number:102-159-017

Customer Reviews: 1,451 customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
I am Italian and my boyfriend is Salvadorian, which means our kitchen is a central point in our home. Both of our cultures prepare food with a lot flavor, so we find ourselves finely chopping and squeezing produce on a daily basis. Because we enhance so many of our meals with lemon or lime juice we wanted to buy a hand held citrus juicer that could withstand daily use. The first one we bought broke after two weeks. We did some research and ordered the Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer; two years later we are still happily squeezing all the lemons and limes we get our hands on!

Effectiveness The dual-gear design of this juicer increases the power when you squeeze the handles together. This feature is the main differences between this product and other hand held citrus juicers on the market. How I have experienced this is that I get more juice from the fruit while using less effort. When I take the juiced lemon out it has almost dry pulp left on the rind which indicates that all the juice has been squeezed from that lemon. Usually it would take a forceful grip to get that result with other hand held juicers.

Durability Every time I use our juicer it feels like it is brand new. There is no feeling or indication that it is losing its function or becoming less stable. I use this juicer for on average four meals a week, using 3 lemons or limes each meal; cut those citrus in half to juice them and once could calculate that I operate this juicer on average 24 times a week. That is roughly 96 times a month and 1,152 times in one year…holiday dishes not included! I have owned and used this juicer at this pace for two years and it is as effective and sturdy as the day FedEx placed it on my porch. In the event that I manage to break this product it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Materials The rounded handles, gears and juice filter are made of a hard plastic which the company states is BPA and melamine free. The screws and press are sturdy metal. The metal does increase the weight of the product, however it is still easily held and operated in one hand. Ours has gone through the dishwasher high temp wash and heat dry cycle with no damage, melting or morphing.

Cleaning As mentioned above I have cleaned this juicer in a high temperature dishwasher and it has held its integrity. Most often I hand wash it because the product is easy to thoroughly clean. The gear opens to an angle that allows easy sponge access to all of the juicer’s parts. Rinsing the juice, pulp and soap away is also made easy because of the open angle allowed by the gear. There are no pieces of this product that you can not fully see accept for where two stabilizing screws fix the press to the handles. I like that I can see all of the parts in case pulp is caught somewhere and needs to be rinsed away. Overall its design reduces the chance of bacterial breeding grounds.

Storage The juicer fits easily in our 3” high drawer. The bottom of the juice filter has two nodules which help prop the juicer upright and keep it from sliding all over or jamming the drawer.

RSVP Select-a-Peel Vegetable Peeler

Best Vegetable Peeler
  • Regular blade
  • Softskin blade
  • Julienne blade
  • Includes regular, softskin and julienne blades
  • Plastic blade shield for safe storage
  • Dishwasher Safe
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
This amazing Select-a-Peel Compact Peeler is the ultimate convenience tool for you. With this peeler you can prepare nearly all types of vegetables and fruits. Choose from regular, softskin,or julienne blades by choosing the blade number you need by lining up the number and the arrow. A plastic blade cover snaps over the blades for safe storing. This peeler is going to be one of the most used kitchen tools in your kitchen drawer and will always be ready for the job when you need it. 6″ L x 3-1/2″ W
Product Dimensions: 6 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

Item Weight: 4 ounces

Manufacturer: RSVP

Item model number: 102-159-017

14 customer reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars
I first saw this kitchen toy at my sister’s house and looked everywhere for one, but only found it here on Amazon! It is great to be able to have on tool that I can 3 different types of slices to use in my cooking! It is easy to use and with the twist of the knob I can get a different slice!

Spread That Butterknife

Spread That Butter Knife
  • Struggling with cold butter
  • no waiting, No heating, No Electricity ReuiQred
  • A butter Knife that Actually Melts Butter
  • Carving and Spreading Has Never Been so Easy
  • Creem cheese , Peanut Butter
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Spreading cold butter has never been easier. SpreadTHAT! Serrated butter knife softens butter for quicker, easier spreading by carrying warmth from the palm of your hand to the edge of the blade. Use the serrated edge to shave off fine curls of butter straight onto your toast, and then gently draw the blade over them for a smoother, more even layer of butter right out of the fridge. The spreading will get easier after a few strokes. No waiting, no clumping – just a better slice of toast, made easy. This innovative butter spreader works by using heat conducting technology that utilizes your body heat to carve and spread cold butter. Knife requires no batteries nor electricity. Dishwasher safe.

Product Dimensions: 7 x 0.8 x 0.1 inches

Item Weight: 3.04 ounces

Manufacturer: THAT Inventions

Item model number: SPR-21R

36 customer reviews 3.4 out of 5 stars

At first I was hesitant to buy one of these based on some of the Amazon reviews but a friend of mine bought one and loved it so I gave it a try. I’m not sure what all the negative reviews are but it worked perfect for me. Using the side with the groves I scraped along the top and it allowed me to spread my hard butter on my toast without tearing to pieces. I was disappointed when I tried to slice through the butter and cut off a hunk but other that that it works just fine. I did find one other use for this. Anyone have a problem splitting rock hard frozen per cut bagels. Try the Spread it works like a dream.

OXO 2 Blade Handheld Spiralizer

best handheld spiralizer
  • making curly fries, fritters, salad garnishes, and more
  • Food holder protects hands during use and acts as a cap for safe storage
  • Includes two color-coded stainless steel blades
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Recommended by Cooks Illustrated
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Double the spirals, double the fun: Create two different sizes of vegetable noodles with OXO’s 2-Blade Hand-Held Spiralizer. Both blades make uniform spirals for pasta-like dishes, baked curly fries, garnishes and more.

double the spirals and double the fun with the excel handheld two blade spiralizer with this spiralizer you can create pasta like dishes curly fries that you can bake or even garnishes the spiralizer features two stainless steel color coated blades with an open blade design green for 1/8 inch spaghetti curls and orange for 1/4 inch fettuccine spirals it has a non-slip grip for comfort and a food holder to protect hands when in use that doubles as a cover for safe storage to begin twist to remove both blades and food holder from the spiralizer select the blade you want to use and twist to secure onto the non-slip body cut the ends of the fruit or vegetables so they’re flat and even and place the flat end against the blade apply pressure while twisting the vegetable clockwise to get long uniform spirals spiralizing works best when the produce is straight and at least one and a half inches in diameter that the produce is longer than six inches just cut it in half if it isn’t naturally straight cut it into straight sections when you start to reach the end of the fruit or vegetable use the food holder for safety to keep your fingers away from the sharp blade a few twists later you have a plate of delicious and healthy vegetable noodles that you can dress up however you’d like the spiralizer comes apart for easy cleaning is dishwasher safe and locks together for storage ..

Product Dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Item Weight: 6.6 ounces

Manufacturer: OXO

Item model number: 11185300

1,030 customer reviews 4.0 out of 5 stars

Easy to Use & Easy to Store Hand Held Spiralizer

I just received this yesterday and it may be my favorite kitchen device ever! And yes, it really is an OXO Good Grips Product. As others have written, the directions on how to use weren’t that clear, so I found a 1-minute YouTube video, and Voila: 15 minutes later I was finished making my my first Zoodles. I used 2-medium size zucchini & it was really easy. To clean, I used an old toothbrush with soap & water. I love that it’s so small. The last thing I need is another big kitchen device taking up space. You have to use a little muscle, so if you have arthritis in your hands, this probably isn’t the product for you. But, it works great for me!

Presse Salad Spinner

salad spinner amazon
  • Lid features brake to quickly stop spinning
  • Twist and lock to store spinner
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
The smart design of our PL8™ Salad Spinner makes it simple to use and store. With a gentle press, the spinner washes and dries fresh greens and herbs for healthy salads and stores away neatly when pressed into the locked position.

Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 11.4 x 6.3 inches ; 2.71 pounds

Item Weight:


Item model number: PL8-1700ML

26 customer reviews

You spin me right round baby right round, like a salad spinner, kale goes round round

This salad spinner is a much more attractive design than other salad spinners I’ve had in the past. And more efficient! Even when I jammed it entirely full of kale (even I thought I had put too much in there), it spun all the water out. Like a boss! I love salad. I eat it all the time. And I buy organic farm-fresh veggies that often still have dirt on them. I like dirt, but my guests don’t always like it. This is going to cut down on my prep time significantly.

I also like that there are three pieces that all easily come apart for cleaning, BUT the spinner feels entirely stable during the spinning process.
This is a good one!

Joseph Joseph Prep and Serve

prep and serve bowl
  • Multi-Function bowl with
  • integrated colander
  • Easy-tip edge
  • Rinse, drain, mix and serve food in one bowl
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
This simple, stylish product combines the functions of a preparation bowl, colander and a serving bowl in one convenient design. Its integrated colander means you can rinse food in the main bowl and then drain off the excess water, without having to tip the contents into a separate colander or sieve. Once drained the contents can either be tipped into a pan for cooking, combined with other ingredients such as sauces or dressings, or served straight to the table – all using the same bowl. It is ideal for preparing and serving salads and soft fruits or for rinsing rice and lentils prior to cooking. Dishwasher safe. Not microwave safe.

Product Dimensions: 8.1 x 11.4 x 7.1 inches

Item Weight: 13.3 ounces

Manufacturer: Joseph Joseph

Item model number: 40063

66 customer reviews 4.8 out of 5 stars

My new favorite strainers.

just love these bowls for rinsing just about everything. I have used for shrimp, fruits, veggies, and pasta.
Soak and tilt or with shrimp fill and rinse with running water, nothing can run over the edge. I picked up this green one at Amazon, I got the same size in red at Kohls that came with a smaller white one in a set.
I recommended and two people I know have already got some. The different sized ones do nest for storage. The bottom has a nonslip rubbery material, nice grip handle.

Fuller Brush Smart Grater

fuller brush smart grater
  • Fuller Brush provides
  • Smart Grater has a user-friendly design
  • Grate carrots, cucumbers, cheese, chocolate and more
  • Your blade of choice slides easily into the grater compartment
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DescriptionInformation / SpecificationsMost helpful review
Since 1906 Fuller Brush Co. has been a trusted name in quality home care products. The Fuller kitchenware line provides stylish yet functional items to bring out the chef in us all. This Smart Grater provides a safe way to grate a variety of food in the kitchen. Its efficient design makes it safe for even the least experienced cooks, with a non-skid base and food safety holder for additional hand protection. Four different blades slide easily into the grater compartment for varying results. These blades include a V-shape and wave slicer, shredder, and julienne. Simply choose the blade for your intended style and let the clear bottom container collect the slices. All pieces are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Grate onions, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and cheese for salads or recipe ingredients, slice chocolate into decorative shavings for baked goods, and more with the Fuller Brush Smart Grater.

Product Dimensions: 5.6 x 4 x 12 inches

Item Weight: 1.55 pounds


Item model number: COMINHKPR70475

3 customer reviews 3.7 out of 5 stars


Good product but not the top one

Kitchen gadgets include: An innovative fast counter top egg cooker, the ultimate mess-free pancake batter mixer bottle, and a futuristic looking herb slicer and dicer. Also featured is a clever new handheld citrus juicer, the world’s most versitile vegetable peeler, plus an ultra modern warming butter knife invention. And last but certainly not least: A nifty double-bladed spiralizer, the latest salad spinner, a ground breaking bowl with built-in strainer, and a multi-faceted smart grating device that every kitchen must have.

The coolest kitchen gadgets on Amazon under $20? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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